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Rats and Rogues: Bside wrap up

So last week, after Bsides Detroit was over, some of us from #misec talked about it.

So Join: Leonard, Jaime, Stephen, Wolfgang, Justin and Chris, as they recap the three days that made up Bsides Detroit. Yes, 3 days, we counted the dinner the night before.

You’ll hear about the two types of training coming to Michigan soon too.

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 023

THIS WEEKEND!!! WE’VE MADE IT!!! word on the net is they’ve had 400 tickets acquired.

But really you’re hear to see who Wolf Interviewed this week. Wolf and Ray Davidson talk to this weeks guest, Mark Manning. His talk is on Jacking the Juke. What does that mean? Listen and find out, but here’s a hint, Ray’s got a strong background in RF.

Follow Mark
BSides Rochester
Interlock Rochester hackerspace

Thanks for taking the ride with us, A Big Thanks to WOLFGANG for making this happen. Hope to see most of you this weekend. Justin and Chris will be broadcasting a podcast LIVE at some point.

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 022

This week Wolf and Leonard talk to Larry McDonald about his workshop. Larry will be putting on the BSidesDetroit Forensics Challenge.

More information on the sold out workshop can be found on it’s Event Bright page.

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 021

This week Chris and Wolfgang talk to Dave Kennedy. Normally people only ask him about SET and social engineering. However, while we did talk about those things, we were really interested in his Key Note talk about Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). It’s about changing the industry.

There were some other fun nuggets in there too:
Dave Kennedy on Twitter
“THE event of the year,” DerbyCon
BSides Cleveland

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 020

This week, Wolfgang and Chris talk to Mark Lenigan. Mark’s talk is called: Cyberwar: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fight the F.U.D. It’s a rebuttal to Richard Clark’s Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It. Mark had some very insightful things to say.

From there, Mark talked about the other thing he’s doing for Bsides Detroit. He’s planning a Range Trip for Friday morning. Security Geeks with Guns. He talked about letting them know you’re a novice and the rules of the gun he lives by, more strict than the NRAs. Check it out, it’ll be worth the time.

You can follow Mark on twitter, or in the #misec IRC channel.
Mark on Twitter


Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 019

So after talking with Jen Fox, for episode 018, and learning of The Moscow Rules… Wolfgang and Chris decided to play spy. They found a burlap sack and snuck up behind Scott Thomas.

The next thing he knew, he was in the mobile podcast booth (Wolfgang’s car under the El) outside Bsides-Chicago. Scott is going to tell us about Dealing with InfoSec Flameout. This time it’s not the job that’s burning you out, it’s the studying outside of work while trying to break that InfoSec job mold. This started as a blog post and became larger than he thought.

Scott Thomas can be found (unharmed):
Twitter as Secureholio
Secureholio blog

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 018

While Wolfgang and Chris were at BSides-Chicago,they found Jen Fox an d got her in to a special mobile podcast booth under the El (Wolfgang’s car). Jen’s talk is on The Moscow Rules and how we should apply those rules to our work in InfoSec.

What are The Moscow rules, you’ll have to listen and find out.

You can follow Jen below:
Shining Wave Consulting

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 017

This week Josh Little is back as a host. Wolfgang and Josh talk to Prutha Parikh from Qualys, doing a technical talk. Last year Prutha found CVE-2011-4317, Apache Reverse Proxy Rewrite.

For more on Prutha, check out the links below:
her page over at Qualys.
Prutha on twitter

Don’t forget to get your tickets, voting for talks starts soon, watch The BSides Detroit Webpage for more. Just a reminder, Bsides Detroit this year is at the Renaissance  Center.

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 016

Week 16, hard to believe BSides Detroit is four weeks out. Don’t forget checkout the BSides Detroit page for the location. Get your tickets now!

This week Wolfgang and Chris talk to a guy from a Galaxy Far Far Away, from a Long Time a go. Kellman Meghu. Kellman’s talk is “How NOT to do security: Lessons learned from the Galactic Empire.”

It is geeky, there is security gold in there. Lots of fun. He also likes to have conversations about it after the talk.

You can follow Kellman on this lead up to BSides below:

Rats and Rogues: The BSides-Det Interviews 015

This week Chris and Wolfgang talk to Leonard Isham. Leonard is security practitioner and social engineer that travels 100%. He’s taken Leonard’s talk is about negotiating, during the hiring process. While they may not budge on the amount they’re willing to pay you, they may give you other perks. From Leonard’s point of view, we leave too much on the table because we don’t ask for it.

You can follow Leonard: