Episode 004: we’re a rambling

Hey very one. It’s that time gain. Time for another update. We’ve been in the editing stages since April when we recorded it. A little over a month ago.

Stealing Laptops for Class Credit
source: SlashDot

A college professor working on his Ph.D, proved humans are the weakened link in security.

Target using buying analysis to out pregnancy.
source: Consumerist

Target is using buying patterns of people to figure out what they should send coupons for. Not a surprise for us, but it seems to be for most people going through life using loyalty cards.

In this case a father found out his daughter was pregnant by target sending coupons for baby stuff… the dad went off the handel at target and then had to apologize later.

Sea-based Data Haven fails, Pirates move to the sky.
sources: Slashdot (SeaLand) and Slashdot (Flying Pirate Servers)

The off shore data haven ran by HavenCo in the unrecognized micro country of Sealand has failed.

You might want to check out James Grimmelmann’s 80-page article in the University of Illinois Law Review. It’s called “Sealand, HavenCo, and the Rule of Law” (http://illinoislawreview.org/wp-content/ilr-content/articles/2012/2/Grimmelmann.pdf)

Parts of the history reminds me of the Cryptonomicon.

The Pirate Bay, is thinking of doing air based servers. Doing servers on Air based drones. I think the idea of building those would be fun, and could see it useful depending on how it’s done and where it is deployed. however I think they might want to look up the history of Sealand and it’s nationalized data haven.

Stalking via the I-Phone.
source: Cult of Mac

There was an app in the IPHONE market called “Girls Around Me”. The creators took it out voluntarily. However, that was after foursquare broke it by killing the API access.

See what this app did, was pull data from Google Maps, Facebook, and Foursquare, to show you where people checked in at. While called Girls Around Me, it would also show males, or what ever your tastes in a mate are. It would then pull the information from facebook profile for the person, with a button push, you could go to said profile.

Arrested by facebook?
Souce: Slashdot

This one you have to hear and read to believe. An artist was arrested because she LIKED a bar on facebook. A Toronto police officer used that as all the requirement he needed to arrest her for assault. She wasn’t even there.

Dear Sys-admin:
Lock down your services, but don’t trust them to be locked.

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