Episode 003 – Kicking Dream Puppies with Dirty Uncle Len.

Man, it’s been forever. Six weeks between recordings, with another month or so to edit it.

This time we were joined by the man, the myth, the guy with the plate of  bacon, Len Isham.


1) Rescued from 419 scammers
Sophos Naked Sec

A south Korean man and his daughter were lured to South Africa by Scammers. The scammers then tried to ransom the father daughter team for $10 Mil, which was later talked down to $120k. The ordeal lasted 4 days.

2) Sharing you passwords, the new safe sex?
The New York Times

Really? We need to teach the kids better. Heck, Microsoft has done a better job than the parents that caused this story.

3) Identity theft at the gas pump just got that much easier.

Two gas stations in Saginaw, MI is changing the pre-pay before pumping rules for cash / pay inside customers. They’re putting devices on their pumps that allow customers to scan their Driver’s License and allow them to post pay. You know paying inside after pumping gas.

With the number of skimmers out there for credit and atm cards, and the number of them found on gas pumps. Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea?

4) Encrypt your hard drive with Full Disk Encryption

The EFF is trying to get people to add one more resolution to their list this year. Add Full Disk encryption to all your systems in 2012.

But really, why not take it a step further and Defend your privacy by reading their white paper

5) Search and Seizure legal 100 miles from the boarder.
Northeast Intelligence Network

What was that about being secure in your papers? Random search and seizure 100 miles from the boarder. We got this one from Len. He brought it with him.

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