The parting of ways, moving on….

So if you noticed, we haven’t posted in a very very long time. Mostly that was due to scheduling conflicts. I’m only available on the weekends, and even those are spotty. Justin was only available during the week. Matt, was easier to do things during the week.

Because of that we’ve parted ways. There will probably never be another Rats and Rogues podcast. We’re just doing what works for us at this point in our careers and lives. It ended in disappointment but not sadness. We still meet up from time to time too.

Matt and Justin have started a new podcast. You can get Episode Zero Here:

I’ve gone back to blogging, you can read it at:

So long and thanks for the fun times.


GrrCON 2013 Special

It’s September, that must mean that it’s time for the GrrCON Special.

Matt, Justin and Chris J sit down with Chris and Jamie of GrrCON.

We talk about #dontdiebro, the lockpick village with new challenge, the upcoming workshops, and some of the other fun going on at the conference this year.

Rats and Rogues Episode 010

The first Episode with Matt as a co-host.

Detroit’s Emergency Dispatch System Fails
source: SlashDot

When the Emergency Dispatch system failed, the backup didn’t’ work. There had been no testing the backup system.

Car with gun panics Detroit suburb
source: boing boing


Shelby Township Police Chief Roland Woelkers stands with the 1944 M20 armored vehicle that was impounded Thursday, July 4, 2013 after a series of 911 calls captured the fear of suburban Detroit residents reporting a vehicle with a mounted machine gun that they thought was firing shots on the Fourth of July. The armor-plated military-type vehicle that featured a modified World War II .50-caliber machine gun had been converted to fire compressed gas, which produced bright flashes and loud gunfire sounds. Police in Macomb County’s Shelby Township say a man in his 40s was arrested and they confiscated the vehicle. He was released Friday and charges are pending. DETROIT NEWS OUT; Photo: Detroit Free Press,Christina Hall

Fighting Street Gangs With Military Counter-Insurgency Software
souce: Slashdot

Military software engineers have developed a program that can predict the social structures of street gangs. Philip Ball explains how it could help fight crime.

Exposed SSH Key Means US Emergency Alert System Can Be Hacked
source: Slasdot

Default keys… is this what lead to the zombi broadcasts?

France kills three-strikes copyright disconnections
source: Boing Boing

Hey look, the three strikes law didn’t work… what a surprise….

Old reader moving to the united states:
source: The Old Reader
As we promised, right now The Old Reader is getting a hardware upgrade it really needs.
We are taking 6 million feeds, relocating them 5000 miles away and importing into the new database servers in the United States, increasing database capacity three times and adding over 10 times the network capacity.
Our estimates show that whole migration will take around 48 hours.
Sorry that it’s taking so long, it’ll be tough for us as well.
We will be keeping you updated via Twitter and Status page to make sure you know as soon as it is back up and running again.
Thank you for your incredible patience.
A random picture of a cat to make it less painful:
*note there will be an update to this next regular podcast*

Opt Out of AT&T Tracking you
source: Life Hacker

You’ve been auto-opted in. easy to opt out. doesn’t like – in your user id.

Spanish Chatbot to hunt pedos
source: Slashdot

Spanish Uni created bot that plays the part of 14yo girl online to get pedos.
When Negobot first enters into a chat room conversation, it starts at level 0, in which it’s neutral. If the person doesn’t appear to be interested in talking to the chatbot, it gets more insistent about having a conversation, by introducing topics that will hopefully capture their attention. In doing so, it proceeds through levels -1 to -3. (can it say: entrapment?)

The university has “field tested” Negobot on Google’s chat service, and has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Basque Country police force, which is interested in implementing the technology.


Some changes

Some changes to Rats and Rogues. In hopes of being able to release more episodes, we brought Power Shell Yoda, Matt, in as a full host. That makes three of us available to record, so if we two of us can get on the air, we have a show.

We have 2 episodes in the queue to be released, just waiting on Justin to upload them. Episode 010 and the 2013 GrrCon Special.

Rats and Rogues Episode 009 – PshYoda is back.

Why do people think making debit / credit cards in to ID is a good idea?

Sneakernet: Fight censorship

via bruce schneier: countries spying on citizens

Egyptian Forces capture scuba divers
via slashdot

Skimmers are showing up in more places
via kerbs

Going undercover online:
via slashdot

Build hidden compartments, go to jail
via slasdot

Rachael Maddow on locksport


discussion point: What’s your con kit?

Rats and Rogues Episode 008

Episode 008. Recorded in February. It’s cyber cyber cyber

Zombies in Montana. Yeah everyone covered this one already.

Hello Kitty goes to SPACE!!!

North Korea goes boom ( did have stuff on it later).

Episode 007 InfoSec Rogue says “We’re Back”…

New episode. I’ve misplaced the show notes, but we have the audio.

Episode 006 – Old news now.

So, we actually recorded this in early September. We gave away a lot of tickets to GrrCON. Due to things beyond our control, it took 6 weeks or so to get this up. The news is a little old now.

We went to the cons, we had our fun. We even recorded a wrap up episode. Look for that in Late December (After our lawyers finish with it).

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